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Dog Training Tips & Secrets

no jump

Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump on People

Teaching your dog not to jump on people is an essential to him being a safe member of the household as well as the neighborhood. A dog that jumps can knock over a child, make a person drop what their carrying or push an elderly person to the ground. All of these things can … [click now...]

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Healthy Dogs Make Happy Pets

dog cough

Coughing in Dogs

It can be a very scary time when a loving pet owner experiences his dog coughing. Most pet owners ignore and assume that the dog has caught a bug but wise pet owners understand that coughs can prove to be life threatening. Just as in humans, coughs can be harmless or they … [click now...]

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Garden Grown Organic Dog Foods|Popular Dog Foods & Treats

super food for dogs

Preparing Super Foods for your Pet

Pets are often considered family members and pet parents agree that their pets deserve only the best. Before installing an electric fence dog, they do research to find the best wireless fencing for dogs. When it comes to what to feed their pets, many pet parents do just as much research to find the perfect […]

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Grooming – Transform Your K-9 Friend Into a Pic Of Perfection

visual check up for pup

Giving Your Puppy a Visual Check-up

Most parents give their kids a visual checkup each day without even thinking about it. We look at their faces, make sure that their ears are clear of wax and their teeth are brushed. We look over their skin for any strange looking markings or moles, and feel their skin to make sure it’s cool […]

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Protecting Against Fleas and Other Parasites

dog vaccinesdog vaccines

The Importance of Vaccines

It seems that more and more people are avoiding vaccinating their dogs. A lot of people don’t believe there is a real need for canine vaccinations because nearly everyone else’s dogs have been vaccinated. They think that their pups can’t get a preventable disease simply because other pets won’t contract them. Still others are suffering […]

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Parenting Your Pup – Raise Pup To Be Mindful, Obedient & Loving

train new puppy now

How to Best Train Your New Puppy

Training your new puppy can be a daunting task. Here you have this cute pet who just loves playing and doing the darndest things to make you smile. His last priority seems training and rightly so. But there are some basic steps you can take in training your puppy: steps which you can expand upon […]

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Caring For Your Aging K-9 Friend

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia can be a devastating problem in many purebred and mixed breed dogs. For the most part, reputable breeders do their best to breed only healthy dogs from parents and grandparents free from this genetic defect. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that a puppy will be free of canine hip dysplasia. The truth is […]

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ECO|Friendly K-9 Concepts

plastics and dogs

The Hidden Dangers of Plastics for Your Pets

Around the holidays, many pet owners become concerned about holiday hazards that may harm their cat or dog. When the holidays are past and the Christmas tree is out of the house, many don’t realize that some dangers lurk all year long. One of these hidden dangers is a ubiquitous substance in our everyday lives: […]

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Products YOU need When Training YOUR Buddy

invisable pet fence

An Introduction to Dog Fencing

As a pet owner, it is your job to ensure that your dog is kept safe all of the time, whether he is indoors relaxing or outside tearing up the yard. There are more than a million dogs in the United States that are hit by cars each and every year. It is important to […]

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Pet Tricks

roll over dog trick

Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

There are so many people who want to teach their dogs to roll over, but think that it will be way too hard to do. The truth is that it’s quite simple for a dog to roll over. Many dogs roll over on their own; so teaching the command will be pretty easy. Just be […]

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