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Dog Training Tips & Secrets

stop command

The Stop Command

Few people understand the value of the stop command in dog training. Teaching your dog to stop on command can help prevent a boatload of problems. There aren’t many dog trainers who teach this command either. The funny thing is that it’s a pretty easy command for dogs to … [click now...]

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Healthy Dogs Make Happy Pets

underweight dog

Making the Underweight Dog Healthy

A dog that’s underweight is just as unhealthy as a dog that’s overweight. Every dog has an optimum weight and it should be maintained for his general health and well-being. It is essential that an underweight dog gains the weight he needs to, in order for him to live a long … [click now...]

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Garden Grown Organic Dog Foods|Popular Dog Foods & Treats

stop canine begging

Stop a Dog from Begging at the Table

Everyone considers their dogs to be members of their families, but that doesn’t mean that the dog should sit at the table at mealtime. It’s difficult to enjoy a meal with family or friends when a dog is begging for table scraps. Besides, it’s quite rude and is not the way a mannerly canine behaves. […]

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Grooming – Transform Your K-9 Friend Into a Pic Of Perfection

dog skin issues

Why Grooming Your Dog Is Important

As humans, we wake up in the morning and instinctively jump into the shower to get ourselves clean before we go off to start our days. This is the norm for most of us. Unfortunately, many pet owners think that their dogs and cats don’t need to be bathed. There are even some who think […]

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Protecting Against Fleas and Other Parasites

heart worms

The Dangers of Heartworms in Dogs

Heartworms in dogs is one of the most dangerous diseases out there. It is very easily prevented however; the cure can be really hard on the pooch. Every dog owner should have a basic knowledge of heartworm infection so they can ensure their dogs stay happy and healthy. Heartworms Can Kill Heartworms are spread by […]

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Parenting Your Pup – Raise Pup To Be Mindful, Obedient & Loving

hydration in summer

Proper Canine Hydration in the Summer Months

Few people even think twice about proper canine hydration in the summer months. The merely set down a bowl full of water, and check to make sure that it’s filled a couple of times throughout the day. Just imagine drinking a glass of water that has been sitting on a table for half of the […]

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Caring For Your Aging K-9 Friend

testicals retained

The Dangers of Retained Testicles in Dogs

Owning a pet dog that has one or both testicles undescended is not as uncommon as many people would think. A dog that only has one testicle in his scrotum is called Monorchid, while a dog with no testicles in the scrotum is considered to be Cryptorchid. BothMonorchid and Cryptorchid dogs need to be evaluated […]

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ECO|Friendly K-9 Concepts

eco pets

Solar Powered Pet Safe Homes

Almost any adult you speak too will remember a time when products were cheaper. Gas used to be available for under a dollar a gallon. An entire cart of groceries could be purchased for fewer than fifty dollars, and stamps were only a quarter, or less. This day and age has seen a rise in […]

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Products YOU need When Training YOUR Buddy

wifi fence rite for you

The Skinny on Containment Systems: Will they work for your dog?

Are you considering doing away with your traditional fence and replacing it with something more technological. A lot of people want to do away with fences, and create a more open feeling to the yard, and are opting for wireless dog fence systems. These type of containment systems are fabulous as they help keep your pet […]

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Pet Tricks

nose bump

Teach Your Dog to Nose Bump

People are always fist bumping each other. Why not let your dog in on the fun. It’s really easy to teach your dog to nose bump and honestly, it looks pretty cool. Your family, friends and neighbors will be thrilled to watch your dog’s new trick. What You Will Need to Teach Your Dog to […]

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