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Dog Training Tips & Secrets

Give Kisses

Teaching a Dog to Give Kisses

There isn’t anything cuter in the world than a sweet dog that likes to give kisses. While many people find this disgusting and are revolted by it, a lot of owners like getting quick kisses from their pets. There are some dogs that have an instinct to lick at their owners’ … [click now...]

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Healthy Dogs Make Happy Pets

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia can be a devastating problem in many purebred and mixed breed dogs. For the most part, reputable breeders do their best to breed only healthy dogs from parents and grandparents free from this genetic defect. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that a puppy … [click now...]

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Garden Grown Organic Dog Foods|Popular Dog Foods & Treats

hydration in summer

Proper Canine Hydration in the Summer Months

Few people even think twice about proper canine hydration in the summer months. The merely set down a bowl full of water, and check to make sure that it’s filled a couple of times throughout the day. Just imagine drinking a glass of water that has been sitting on a table for half of the […]

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Grooming – Transform Your K-9 Friend Into a Pic Of Perfection


Raising an Eco-Friendly Puppy

Raising a puppy is a lot of work, but it can be rewarding, especially if you raise your new puppy in an eco-friendly manner that aligns with your family’s green lifestyle. The environment is a big concern nowadays and it is ever more important for pet owners to play their part in keeping the environment […]

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Protecting Against Fleas and Other Parasites

parasites on pups

How to Deal with Parasites on Your Puppy

Your puppy depends on you for many things: food, shelter, water, love, attention, and a bath. Periodically, we may find that our puppy has been exposed to bugs and becomes infested to a small or larger degree by fleas or ticks. Bugs are a nuisance no matter how you look at it, but these particular […]

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Parenting Your Pup – Raise Pup To Be Mindful, Obedient & Loving

runny eyes in dog

Runny Eyes in Dogs

Pet owners deal with many issues however; runny eyes in dogs seems to be one of the major issues. Runny eyes in dogs are quite common and can occur for a host of reasons. They can be annoying for the dog and concerning for the owner. Not only can runny eyes in dogs be a […]

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Caring For Your Aging K-9 Friend

Pet etiquette

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet-iquette: Proper owner/pet behavior

As a dog owner, you may find yourself in certain situations that will call into question how you should react. Remember that not all people are comfortable with dogs, or like the idea of being around dogs, so keep that in mind when we discuss the situations below. Petiquette is important as it tries to […]

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ECO|Friendly K-9 Concepts

solar energy savings

Solar Panel Solution to Sluggish Economy

Solar Panel Solution to Sluggish Economy The sluggish economy and high unemployment rate has forced families to look to more creative and cost efficient ways to care for their families. The high cost of heating and cooling a house alone can raise energy bills substantially. This generation has become dependent upon electric appliances and technology […]

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Products YOU need When Training YOUR Buddy

invisable pet fence

An Introduction to Dog Fencing

As a pet owner, it is your job to ensure that your dog is kept safe all of the time, whether he is indoors relaxing or outside tearing up the yard. There are more than a million dogs in the United States that are hit by cars each and every year. It is important to […]

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Pet Tricks

hoop trick

Teach Your Dog to Jump through a Hoop

People are always amazed when they see a dog jump through a hoop. It’s surprising considering the trick is so simple to teach a dog to do. Most dogs can learn to jump through a hoop in a matter of days. In a matter of weeks, the dogs are generally able to jump pretty accurately […]

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