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    Solar Panel Solution to Sluggish Economy
  • We all experience anxiety. Our pets are no different. When we are exposed to new … Read More "NOW"

    What to do about Separation Anxiety in your Dog
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    Must-Have Products to Consider for Your Dog

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Dog Training Tips & Secrets

Pet etiquette

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pet-iquette: Proper owner/pet behavior

As a dog owner, you may find yourself in certain situations that will call into question how you should react. Remember that not all people are comfortable with dogs, or like the idea of being around dogs, so keep that in mind when we discuss the situations below. Petiquette … [click now...]

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Healthy Dogs Make Happy Pets

separation anxiety

What to do about Separation Anxiety in your Dog

We all experience anxiety. Our pets are no different. When we are exposed to new situations, or we are dealing with a new stage or situation in our lives, we are bound to react to it with stress. Stress just means adjustment is in order. For some though, stress is … [click now...]

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Garden Grown Organic Dog Foods|Popular Dog Foods & Treats

dog food organic

Garden Grown Delicious and Nutritious Homemade Organic Pet Foods

The pet foods on the market today are completely unreliable sources of nutrition for our dogs and cats. Believe it or not; the animal by-products that are contained in the vast majority of pet foods is actually quite horrific. Animal by-products include things like cow brains and spinal cords however; that’s not the worst of […]

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Grooming – Transform Your K-9 Friend Into a Pic Of Perfection

dog skin issues

Why Grooming Your Dog Is Important

As humans, we wake up in the morning and instinctively jump into the shower to get ourselves clean before we go off to start our days. This is the norm for most of us. Unfortunately, many pet owners think that their dogs and cats don’t need to be bathed. There are even some who think […]

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Protecting Against Fleas and Other Parasites

heartworm medication

Time for the Annual Heartworm Test

It’s absolutely shocking to me that in this day and age that there are still pet owners out there that do not test their dogs for Heartworms. It’s even worse that an inconceivable number of owners do not keep their dogs on Heartworm preventative. This is the most ridiculous thing in the world to me […]

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Parenting Your Pup – Raise Pup To Be Mindful, Obedient & Loving

Leash Train Pup

Leash Training Made Easy For Your Puppy

You have this adorable new puppy so naturally you want to take him outdoors every chance you get. To do so, you want to be sure you get him used to being on a leash as this is the safest way to bring your pet outside. Letting your pet off the leash may be good […]

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Caring For Your Aging K-9 Friend

out door saftey for dogs

Creating a Safe Place for Your Pet Outdoors

Most dogs require exercise. There is no doubt about that. And it is essential for our pets to go outdoors to get their fill of activity. For most pet owners, it is much more convenient to have a yard for their dog to play in on a regular basis. This is especially true for larger […]

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ECO|Friendly K-9 Concepts

solar energy savings

Solar Panel Solution to Sluggish Economy

Solar Panel Solution to Sluggish Economy The sluggish economy and high unemployment rate has forced families to look to more creative and cost efficient ways to care for their families. The high cost of heating and cooling a house alone can raise energy bills substantially. This generation has become dependent upon electric appliances and technology […]

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Products YOU need When Training YOUR Buddy

wifi fence rite for you

The Skinny on Containment Systems: Will they work for your dog?

Are you considering doing away with your traditional fence and replacing it with something more technological. A lot of people want to do away with fences, and create a more open feeling to the yard, and are opting for wireless dog fence systems. These type of containment systems are fabulous as they help keep your pet […]

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Pet Tricks

out command

The Out Command

All too many pet owners use the out command for putting their dogs outside to do their business. To most dog trainers, the command for a dog to go the bathroom is “make” and not “out”. The out command is simply to send the dog away from the owner. This is useful in the event […]

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