REVIEW | Sport Dog SDF100A Underground Dog Fence Pushes Competition Aside

SportDog 100A In Ground Dog Fence

In Ground Dog Fence Handles 100 Acres of Land With EASE – You Need Dog Fence Like This!

New and Improved Sport Dog 100A Underground Dog Fence Pushes It’s BIG BROTHER and the Competition Aside!

Radio Fence… the owners of SportDog, Innotek, PetSafe and Invisible Fence have put their thinking caps on and come up with a new and improved version of the already popular sportdog in ground sdf 100 invisible dog fence. This new model, the SportDog SDF100A underground dog fence, like it’s older brother is specifically designed with owners of large rural properties in mind.

Do YOU Have 25-100 Acres of Land for Your Pooch to Play?

100 acre’s of yard requires a whole lot of love and care, not to mention an even greater amount of wire to secure it. SportDog offers you the luxury of an abundance of extra wire(2,500) total feet for you and your pet. This abundance of raw footage and wire assures you that you’ll not fall short of your goal when planting wire for your pet to respect.

Many individuals have decided to forgo the hustle and bustle of city life and opted to reside in the peace and calm of open country air. Not only have they pushed themselves to the out skirts of our ever growing cities and towns, they have tethered their pets to their moving vans and are giving their four legged friends the real estate of their K-9 dreams. One-hundred acres of green pastures and calming landscapes to trapse through all day and all night long.

The problem is, or should I say …use to be finding an in ground dog fence that can cover all this area and provide quality protection and uncontested reliability for you and your dog!

Not any more!

The SportDog SDF 100A provides all the bells and whistles needed to support your pet in a large 25 -100 acre coverage area.

Whats in the Box?


  • Transmitter with AC power adapter
  • Receiver with adjustable collar
  • Operating and training guide
  • Collar battery (9-volt)
  • 2,500 feet of 20 gauge solid copper wire and 100 boundary flags
  • 2 wire nuts
  • 2 waterproof wire nut covers
  • Collar test light
  • Long and short contact points

It’s All About the Transmitters Direct Relationship With its Collar the (SDR-F)

When looking to purchase any in-ground, wifi or invisible dog fence, one must assess the credibility of the units transmitter and collar. These two components are the most expensive items included in the box and govern the reliability of any underground fencing unit in production.

In ground fencing requires a transmitter that will accept sufficient volts to push amps through transmitter.  A simple radio signal or frequency will be pushed through 20 gauge wire  . Collar must be in tune with transmitter to avoid any gaps in signal reception.

Fortunately the  Sport Dog SDF100A  is made by Radio Fence who has had decades of experience in the invisible fence market. As of June 7th, 2010 the RF-104-S transmitter under went a face lift that if I do say so myself has brought a more attractive under ground fencing package to market with a curvy body that gives the unit a stream line appearance. The Square black brick is no more.

This New Transmitter Boasts a Slew of Really Neat Attributes Controlled by the Following Switches…

Range Adjuster Knob - With this lever you can actually control the distance your dog can come to the wire before a corrective tug warns he or she of the dangers of crossing the boundary.

Power Indicator – This is the first light you check if you run into any power issues as this light indicates the system is receiving juice from the wall!

Loop Indicator - This trouble shooting gremlin eater is a sure fire way of detecting breaks in your boundary wire. It reports to you with a gentle red glow if you were to have any breaks or splits in your line.

Ground TerminalThis connection allows for protection against lightning as it provides a secure grounding location for your ground wire.

Boundary Wire Terminals - Here is the merger in your circuit. These two terminals have been updated to fit the new wire attachments. They are where your two ends of wire will be connected once you have burred the rest of the wire.

Frequency switchThis is one of the coolest things about this unit. It provides you with the option of changing the frequency of your transmitters signal so to avoid the creepy anomaly of possibly being close enough to another dog fences signal as to disrupt your own. The SDF100A offers the choice of 7K and 10K as frequency choices.


Range Switch - Boosts signal transmitter throws out. If you’re using up to 4,400 feet of boundary wire have the range switch on low. If you are spooling more than 4,400 feet, simply flip the range switch to high!

Correction Mode Switch – Jump between  – 1.) Sound&Vibrate -2.)Sound, Vibrate & Static Correction, -3.)Static Correction Only! Once your pet is trained to respect the boundary you will never need the 3rd selection. Your normal operating mode will always be mode 1, which is Sound&Vibrate. You’ll receive instruction on how to train your pet with in the manual which SportdDog so graciously affords you.

YOUR Dog Will NEVER Out Smart This Collar!

It’s safe to say that many of the problems associated with most underground dog fences is the ability of their collars to:

  1. Stay snugly fit to your pet
  2. Deliver the static tickle when commanded
  3. Keep it’s Charge


Your NEW collar will provide your favorite pet all the comfort of his or her favorite walking leash and the security of their favorite chew toy. The collars fit is only out weighed by the instruments ability to perform. If your pet wiggles his or her way near harms way by stepping too close to the static zone then they will receive a reminding static tug that in most dogs is enough to say… hey buddy, slow down there… you’re getting a little too BIG for your britches!

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries…

A common 9-volt battery is the chosen power source for the SDR-F  shock collar.

This commonly purchased battery can be found at any local corner store, super market or gas station in the country. Interestingly enough did you know that the 9-volt battery was invented to power radios of the early sixties. So this battery is perfect for pouring juice into this fence. 

The SDR-F shock collar is a solid reliable piece of engineering that is water proof and constructed with space age high grade plastics that are capable of resisting all that your mischievous K-9 has to offer. One of our clients reported to have lost his dogs collar in the back yard and recovered it 17 months later and find it to be in working order… all it needed was a bath and a replacement battery!

Whats Not to Appreciate?

Some people don’t appreciate the fact that this collar requires a 9-volt battery instead of Innoteks rechargeable collar approach. This is the first negative that some owners of this system report. The second  query is the fact that this pet containment system does not have a battery back up in play as some other units do.

I must admit that the battery back up option is great when the electricity goes out but a good 9-volt battery will crank out juice to these collars for a good three months!

If some strange happening occurs like a lightning strike, then I would think there wouldn’t be anything to worry about anyway as I’m sure your best buddy will be safe inside with you in an electrical storm. These units are grounded through the use of a ground terminal harnessed on the transmitter. This terminal allows you to connect a ground wire to the unit for protection against lightning.

Do Other People Have Anything Bad to Say?

I went over to amazon to buy mine and the first thing I did was read the reviews as I always do. There where like 9 or 10 reviews and they were all praising the shear AWESOMENESS of this in-ground dog fence!

Quite frankly that was good enough for me, I bought the thing!

Here Are a Handful of Quick Comments I Found on This Product…

  • The Best You can Buy…
  • Does The Job!
  • Absolutely Wonderful!
  • Best Underground Dog Fence You Can Buy!
  • Works Well For City Lots Too…
  • Works For Dogs and Mini Horses As Well…
  • Just What I Needed…
  • Great Buy!


Amazon also gives this product two thumbs up by providing a rating system which I swear by. This particular fence received 5 out of 5 stars. That pretty much sealed the deal…

Not To Shabby of a Warranty Either!

Like all Radio Fence Systems a limited life time warranty is provided. This means one full year of coverage including parts and labor. After the first full year of coverage your plan will be scaled back to cover parts only.

You’re not likely to have to replace anything for 5 years any how so this warranty is of a suiting nature. Besides parts are FREE forever and labor is CHEAP to repair these things so it’s a win, win for everyone! Is THE Spot To Shop For THIS And ALL Other WINNING Products!

I’ve been shopping my brains out on for 12plus years and I’ll shop for 50 plus more. I love for any and all things me.

The SportDog SDF100A in-ground dog fence is currently on Amazons list of products that offers free shipping as a great incentive to purchase today!

Amazon offers the best prices for most of their products, so even if you’ve never purchased anything from amazon, it’s best to click through and join the savings with the rest of the world!

PLEASE – Listen To What Amazon Has To Say…

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