sport dog sdf100a

sport dog sdf100a

"1000ft of Wire Cover's 100+ Acres @ SUPER LOW COST"

Struggling To Find Underground Fence That Covers 100+ Acres …Heard of Sport Dogs SDF-100A

Read This Review – Then Make Your Choice

Hello Dog Lover,

It seems like a million people have been asking me to help them find the right underground fence for theirproperties. In all honesty, more and more people are purchasing decent plots of land for vacation spots, camping sites, bug out locations and homesteading land. A lot of people are tired of living in gated communities, where there are more bylaws and rules than Carter has liver pills. They want a place that’s quieter and less restrictive than the typical suburban neighborhood, and more rural areas fill their needs. By purchasing wide open properties, the pet parent is faced with finding ways to keep their dogs safely on their land. This can be expensive if they are looking to put up a dog fence on a really large acreage. I did a ton of research and found that the SportDOG SDF-100A wireless fence is by far the best for large properties of one to one hundred acres.

Considerations When Buying an Underground Fence

There are many things that a person needs to consider before they actually purchase electric fences for dogs including:

  • The size of the area that can be contained
  • The size of the pet and number of pets it can contain
  • The ability to adjust the corrections

If you simply make the wireless fence purchase without doing any research, you will more than likely be pretty darn disappointed. Seriously considering each and every one of the above factors is essential to your making the right underground fence purchase.

Containment Area

SDF100A Underground Dog Fence

SDF100A Underground Dog Fence

You will need to know the size of the area that you will use to keep your dog on. It doesn’t matter if you own a quarter of an acre or a thousand acres, knowing your needs will be beneficial in your selection of wireless fence. It would be a waste of money to buy a pet containment system that is too small or too large for your needs. The SportDOG SDF-100A is a very versatile wireless fence. It can accommodate spaces from a single acre in size to one hundred acres. Of course, for more than one acre the consumer would need to purchase additional invisible fence wire. This size versatility makes it perfect for those who have acreages.

The Pet’s Size

Pet parents need to be mindful of their pet’s size when contemplating which underground fence kit to purchase for their homes. There are so many horror stories of people buying wireless fences that have actually harmed their pets. This only occurred because the pet owner did not diligently research the electric fence to see what size pets were safe with using it. Most pet fences require the purchase of additional collars for more than one pet. Pets that are at least ten pounds can safely be contained with the SportDOG SDF-100A wireless pet containment system. The SportDog fence can accommodate any number of dogs providing a receiver for each pet is purchased. This is a very cool feature.

Adjustable Corrections

Let’s face it! Some dogs take to training for electric fences much more easily than others. In all reality, there are pups that will understand their boundaries inside of a few hours while it will take others days or weeks to finally catch on. Having a wireless pet containment system that offers a variety of shock strengths is a great feature that should be taken into consideration. The SportDOG SDF-100A provides the pet parent with four levels of correction adjustments so you will surely find one that is perfect for correcting your pooch. This adjustment includes vibration and audio as well. This is one of the reasons that I found the SportDOG wireless fence to be the best invisible fence for large properties.

Cost of Invisible Fence

The SportDOG SDF-100A is a very cost-effective way to keep your pets safe inside of a wireless fence. Most online stores offer the SportDOG invisible fence for right around $250 however; Amazon has the pet containment system for under $250 and offers FREE SHIPPING as well!


sportdog 100a

sportdog 100a

The Wireless Fence Kit Contains:

  • 1000 feet of dog fence wire
  • Collar receiver that is waterproof
  • Transmitter
  • 100 Boundary flags
  • Training Instructions
  • Charger

The Buzz about this Underground Fence

The SportDOG SDF-100A is in my opinion the best wireless dog fence system and apparently, other people concur. This underground fence system has a four and half star rating out of 5 possible stars on Amazon, which makes it considered to be a pretty good pet containment system. Some of the things that people have said about this invisible sense are:

  • The Best You Can Buy!
  • This has saved my dogs life!
  • Great replacement for our Petstop system
  • I would recommend this product to anyone that would like to keep their dogs safe.
  • Very good for Big Dogs

Any Warranty

There is a one year limited warranty for this wireless fence.

The Complaints

The main complaint that consumers have had is that it is a real chore to install. Well in all honesty, the installation can be a pain but it all depends upon the type of soil you have on your property. In Florida, installing the invisible fence wire was a snap because the soil is quite sandy. I can see how it could be problematic installing the wireless fence in rocky or clay soil. This is not a problem with the SportDOG fence. It’s just an issue with the property that you purchased.

Where to Buy a SportDOG SDF-100A Wireless Fence

Naturally, you can buy the SportDOG SDF-100A wireless fence at the SportDOG website however; you’ll be paying more than you would if you were buying it off of Amazon . Personally, I would rather save money and get free shipping from Amazon.


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